A Brief History

For over ten years the founding members of HCI (Heathrow Community Initiative) have had the intention of opening a School for the community. In conjunction with other organisations, they built up a network of resources, skills and expertise, culminating in a project team which, in 2011 applied successfully for OFSTED registration for the school to commence in September of that year, wa’alhamdu’lillah.


Tarbiyyah is managed by members of HCI in conjunction with qualified teachers, parents and professionals of various backgrounds, who make up the core Governing and Planning Committee. Carefully selected staff will also ensure that high standards are maintained and that the children in our care will be well catered for.


Alhamdu’lillah, we are also in the fortunate position of having direct contact with the well-known trustworthy Scholars, Students of Knowledge and Du’aat, who are readily available to assist and support us.



Our school was established in a small local Masjid with only 5 children and by 2012 we were at full capacity of 30 children. After an inspection, Ofsted graded us “Good”.


We moved to a larger property with 150 children aged between 3 to 11 years.


The school has a new building at 7 Nestles Avenue, Hayes with 160 children.


Tarbiyyah Primary School
40 New Heston Road
Telephone: 0203 719 8697
Email: schooloffice@tarbiyyah.co.uk
DFE Number: 312/6003
School Unique Reference Number (URN): 137273
Charity Number – 1162401 (Heathrow Community Initiative)