“Read! In the name of your lord who created. Read and your Lord is the most generous. Who has taught men by the pen, taught men that which he knew not.” (Qur’aan)

At TPS, English is taught from the new National Curriculum to ensure that the children progress in each key stage developing their spoken language skills, listening skills, reading, writing, spelling, vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. English skills are developed across all curriculum areas, however as a subject in its own right, it is taught for 1 hour on a daily basis for each year group.


During lessons direct English skills are taught, looking at and analysing various texts including narrative, non-fiction and poetry. Phonics skills are taught from the early years through to year 2, and encouraged throughout key stage 2 as well. Spelling lists are given to the children and spelling tests are carried out on a weekly basis. Vocabulary punctuation and grammar skills are taught through the main text that the children are studying in English lessons.

 Handwriting is taught discreetly with the aim of getting the children to use speed and fluency in writing, joining words linked to spellings and phonics of the week. Teachers also observe and support children to develop cursive writing.


 Phonics: TPS follows the ‘letters & sounds’ phonics programme. In early years and key stage 1, children consolidate known phonemes and are introduced new ones – at least 3 or 4 new phonemes each week. They are taught to apply phonemes in reading de-codable words. Non-words, Word building (tricky words, high frequency words and spellings).


 Reading: Our main reading scheme is Oxford Reading Tree. Children are taught to read fluently and comprehend the genre of the key text that they are reading. There is a book corner in every class from early years through to year 6, a library facility and set expectations for reading to take place at home on a daily basis. Guided reading lessons where teachers listen to each individual child read and answer comprehension questions, are taught at least twice a week.


 Writing (including ‘Big write’): At TPS, children are taught to write in a range of genres including newspapers, instructions, information leaflets, adventure stories, posters, diaries, biographies and poems. ‘Big write’ is an extended writing exercise that gives children the opportunity to build stamina to write at length.


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