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Brilliant Buddies

Who are we?

At Tarbiyyah, we believe in supporting the well-being of every child. 

Our Brilliant Buddy team consists of two members from each class from EYFS to year 6, who help make our school  a fun place to be. School Buddies are here to provide a safe and friendly space for their peers to share their feelings. Our Buddies undertake training in how to mediate between their friends and encourage everyone to be a good playground pal. This training aims to give pupils a sense of responsibility and to teach them the skills they need to resolve conflicts peacefully without the need for adult intervention. If children are lonely, have no-one to play with, need to talk or have help with a problem, they can go to one of our Buddies.


What do we do?

The role of School Buddies is paramount  in shaping a compassionate and inclusive school environment. Engaged in various projects, they develop crucial skills such as empathising with others, creating a nurturing atmosphere, and being a friendly face for their peers. Aligned with our core values, they embody patience, resilience, kindness, sharing, and excellence. They have helped raise money for charities, acting as excellent reading buddies to younger students, and organised lunch clubs like art and football, they actively contribute to the school’s positive atmosphere. During Anti-Bullying Week, they took charge by creating impactful slogans and posters.

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