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Trustee Structure, Role and Responsibilities:

The trustees are use their specialised knowledge, experiences and skills to support the work of the school and each undertake a specific role and responsibility for particular areas.



Trustee Name


1 Mr Hardeep Sandhar Chair of Trustees
2 Mr Abdur Rahman Mann Trustee
3 Mr Moiz Madraswala Trustee


School self-evaluation arrangements and reporting to the trustees

The Head Teacher, in conjunction with the SLT, contribute to the Head teachers termly reports. The Head teacher/ SLT also complete the SEF Tracker in order to support the identification of areas of school improvement and target setting. The SEF tracker also supports the schools preparation for Ofsted inspections.


Trustee school review cycle

The trustees conduct visits to the school every term in order to review different aspects of its work. The trustees then produce a report which outlines the schools strengths and actions for improvement which are needed. If the trustees lack specialist skills required to monitor a particular aspect of the schools capabilities, then they reserve the right to outsource to professionals with expertise in that field.


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