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School Council

Who are we?

Our School Council is a formal group of pupils who act as representatives of their peers in discussing school issues with the Deputy Head. It is a brilliant way of representing and contributing to Pupil Voice in school.They identify challenges, brainstorm solutions, and work with staff to make positive changes. It’s a wonderful opportunity for your child to develop leadership skills and be an active voice in shaping their education. There are two school council members  from each class from EYFS to year 6 who meet weekly to discuss important issues. 


What do we do?

Our School Council embarks on a transformative journey where they develop essential life skills. Through this experience,  they develop  leadership skills as they guide projects, voicing their opinions with confidence during decision-making processes. They learn to  collaborate with fellow pupils, learning the value of teamwork, ensuring that everyone’s voice is heard.Notably, their projects extend beyond the classroom, including fundraising for the school library and managing book orders, organising themed days, coordinating clubs, and establishing a dedicated Ramadan room. Through a rigorous selection process each term, involving applications, interviews, and speeches, the Pupil School Council cultivates a generation of compassionate leaders grounded in principles of service and community enhancement.

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