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Ethos and Vision

Our ethos is Islamic, our vision is to instil the proper Tarbiyyah (education and upbringing/cultivation) in our children regarding every aspect of their lives in order to please our Creator and then prepare the children in our care for their future with the best possible tools for the best possible outcomes Insha’Allah.  To carry out this great responsibility, we will firmly adhere and refer to the Qur’an and Sunnah as well as follow the way of the pious predecessors (the first three, rightly guided generations of Muslims) – who were the best at implanting Tarbiyyah.


By cultivating our children on the correct path of Islam, not the Islam that has been portrayed in the media or that is being practised by those who are misinformed, we believe that our school will be a positive force in uniting the community and society upon that which is good and countering anti-Islamic sentiment and misunderstanding with truth, respect and working towards a better educated, productive and caring society.


We also encourage parents to work alongside us in our effort to nurture children upon the strong morals, discipline and exemplary behaviour that Islam promotes. Which will Insha’Allah prepare our children to become well-informed, upright moral citizens who contribute positively to the community and society as a whole with ease, Insha’Allah.


Tarbiyyah Primary School
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